Onslow County Website - Appeal to the Board of Equalization and Review

Welcome to the Onslow County Tax Office Electronic Appeal Process. Thank you for choosing this electronic process. It’s our expectation you will find this to be the most efficient and convenient method for your use.

As required by NC General Statutes, all properties at the time of reappraisal shall be valued at full market value. This is the value that would be expected if the property were to be sold on the open market.


Items to have available before beginning:

You should have the Parcel Number, which can be found on your Notice of Assessed Value. This is a six digit number (for example: 000000).

**You must enter a valid Parcel Number to proceed with your online appeal. If you do not have your Parcel Number, please call our office at (910) 455-7431 and someone will be glad to assist you.**

Please attach documentation to support your opinion of value as of the most recent revaluation, January 01, 2022, such as appraisals, comparable sales, photographs, etc. Documentation should be available in electronic format and stored where you can browse to them through your computer operating system.

Appeals must be completed in its entirety and submitted within the prescribed time. A valid daytime phone number is required in the event an appraiser needs to contact you. Required fields are indicated with an asterisk (*).

**Please note that an APPEAL of your property may result in the value being reduced, unchanged or increased.

**Please note, the Land Use (Farm) Value will only be displayed if you are already enrolled in that program. Your 2023 Tax Bill will be calculated from this value and not the market value.

'If you agree with the taxable value, no appeal is necessary. You will be taken back to the appeal page.'

Click "Continue" to withdraw your appeal or "Cancel" to close this dialog.

Click "Continue" to escalate your appeal to the Board of Equalization and Review or "Cancel" to close this dialog. Any documents you uploaded through this website with your informal appeal have been retained. You do not need to upload these same documents again.